Product Thickness Weight
Zinc Sheet 8 0,40 mm 2,880 Kg/m2
Zinc Sheet 10 0,50 mm 3,600 Kg/m2
Zinc Sheet 12 0,65 mm 4,680 Kg/m2
Zinc Sheet 14 0,80 mm 5,760 Kg/m2
Zinc Sheet 16 1,00 mm 7,200 Kg/m2
T - Thickness
Theorical Weights Table
The values presented on this table are theorical and they should be confirmed if you make an order.
We, may alter this table without notice.
All orders based on this table will be pending until confirmation by our commercial services.
1.100 mm
1.000 mm
730 mm
700 mm
650 mm
Other measures on request.
Other thicknesses and formats in COIL.